Codable Things

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Learning SpriteKit

The first project I decided to work on is my old game called Zengaku. I’m not really a big fan of game development. It’s just not my calling. I don’t disparage those who love it. I know many do, but it’s not my thing. This is a pretty simple game and I’m able to use the existing code base to help me get started to some degree. But I decided to modernize the code and the UI so that I’d be able to use the latest tools and learn something new without having to start with nothing.


Beginning Again

I recently changed jobs. I was working as an iOS Software Developer at a small firm in my town. I left. I might talk about that a bit more in the future, but not today. Today I’m excited to get my new home on the internet off the ground and to be able to talk about and work on and share some things that I’m doing and going to be doing. I have some aggressive goals for this site and for myself over the next year.